The most pathetic piece of political tokenism I’ve ever seen (yes it’s from a Lib Dem)

Well I’ve made my views on the 10:10 campaign clear before but this is precisely why I am wary of campaigns like this, especially when politicians stick their oar in.

The government didn’t back a tokenistic, populist Lib Dem bill for the government/Westminster to back the 10:10 campaign.

The reason, as Ed Miliband writes on Labourlist, is that they’re already doing more than that and don’t want an overlapping of random targets and campaigns.

That of course hasn’t stopped Lib Dem bleating about how the government aren’t taking climate change seriously enough, as if backing this campaign would prove it one way or another.

Thus we have Simon Hughes, one of the most ‘respected’ Lib Dems (as much as any Lib Dem who isn’t Vince Cable is respected) and their Climate Change spokesperson saying ‘We could have TVs turned off when they’re not needed; we could have lights turned off; we could turn off computers,’ as if any of this cannot be done unless the government backed a Lib Dem bill.

It’s his next statement however, that winds me up beyond belief, ‘We could use stairs rather than lifts’.

What a stupid statement. As it happens, most of the energy used in lifts is done by counterweights and gravity – the actual energy use of a lift is absolutely minute, possibly a couple of watts per floor. Yes I appreciate the cumulative effect from over 600 MPs but seriously, for someone who is effectively a Lib Dem Shadow Minister to come up with this drivel is embarassing.

In the mean time Angela Eagle announces that Westminster is saving £7 million a year through efficiency and energy efficiency drives.

Ed Miliband is driving a campaign for a new Kyoto deal in Copenhagen later in the year and his Lib Dem counterpart is whinging about lifts and bottled water. It’s pathetic and exactly the reason I have avoided the 10:10 vision thing, yes it’s worthwhile in and of itself but frankly it’s all stuff that everyone should be doing anyway.

Not to blow my own trumpet but I’ve been doing this sort of thing for years – millions of people have been doing various things just through common sense rather than an overwhelming desire to save the environment.

The Lib Dems are famous for their tokenistic approach to politics, but this is genuinely the most pathetic example I’ve yet seen.

Mindless chest thumping from Bradford Lib Dems

There is an interesting article about the use of local labour by Bradford Council on the T&A website.

Basically the whole thing is quite complicated but the issue revolves around whether or not the council can and is using local labour whenever possible on council backed projects.

They say they are when possible, others say they aren’t and agreements were made years ago that they’ve never enforced.

David Ward, a Lib Dem councillor, has made a populist but ultimately shallow rant/comment about it condemning everyone within earshot. See below:

He said: “Why is this happening when we have got such high local youth unemployment? It’s ridiculous.

“What is happening with the local labour contracts? This is not racism but legitimate concern that local people have expressed about jobs for local people. We have got this huge potential capital investment in place and we need to extract as many local contracts and as many local jobs as possible.

“If the European legislation doesn’t allow them to do it, then what are the local MPs doing about changing the legislation?”

Now you might ask what is wrong with such a statement and indeed most right-minded people would agree with the thrust of the necessity to employ as many people locally as possible given the problems with unemployment, specifically of young people, in Bradford.

Where I find it reveals itself to be mindless populism is the last statement, which either reveals Cllr Wards lack of knowledge or his cynicism in his previous comments.

Let me explain.

By saying ‘If the European legislation doesn’t allow it…’ he is either admitting he hasn’t bothered to check it before making his statement, which would be ridiculous, or he knows full well what the European legislation does and doesn’t allow and is pretending he doesn’t know to give legitimacy to his previous populist statement, knowing full well that EU legislation doesn’t allow it anyway.

And of course all the local MPs aren’t Lib Dems, but Labour and Tory.

So he either doesn’t know, in which case he really should check his facts, or he does know, and he’s pretending (some might say lying) that he doesn’t, which is manipulative and deceitful to voters.