Do Bradford’s Liberal Democrats support the #grannytax?

Today Labour are forcing a vote in the House of Commons that on the issue of the so-called ‘Granny Tax’, which will see millions of low and middle income pensioners across the country lose out significant amounts of money while the Tory/Lib Dem government cut taxes for the richest 1% of society.

Given that Bradford’s Liberal Democrats have made a big issue on their election leaflets about the rise in pensions from the government, a rise that was entirely expected and due to it’s link to inflation rather than from any majestic campaigning from the Liberals, can we expect them to come out against the granny tax and perhaps call on their Bradford Lib Dem MP, David Ward, to vote with Labour against the government’s tax raid on pensioners?

I’ve asked Bradford East MP, David Ward if he’ll be voting with Labour and will let you know the result.

Meanwhile perhaps the Lib Dem candidates in the local elections in Windhill & Wrose and Baildon particularly could make their positions known, as it’s only fair that their potential constituents know their position on the Granny Tax among the number of other tax hikes George Osborne sneaked into his budget last month.

UPDATE: The Granny Tax motion was defeated by the government, no word yet on whether David Ward rebelled or not. He has not replied to my tweet.

UPDATE 2: Only one Lib Dem MP voted against the government and it wasn’t David Ward. It’s unclear whether Ward voted with the government or bottled it and abstained. He has still not replied to my tweet but he will have to spend the next three years explaining to his constituents why he refused to back pensioners on this issue.

Bradford Lib Dems awarded made-up Lib Dem customer service award.

There’s a rather amusing story about the Bradford Lib Dems over at Political Scrapbook.

Basically in Bradford East, with David Ward as the local MP, they’ve awarded themselves a customer service award, with no mention of what the award actually is.

They’ve either made it up completely, and then got the most hated man in Britain to present it to them, or it’s something the Lib Dems have made up to present to MPs in marginal seats so they can then make out like it’s come from an independent company as opposed to the Lib Dems.

Classic Lib Dem campaigning. Along with the mass dissemination of information and helping the spread of democracy, one of the internet’s great achievements is exposing how shallow and deceitful the typical Liberal Democrat campaign really is.

I wonder how Political Scrapbook got hold of it?

Mindless chest thumping from Bradford Lib Dems

There is an interesting article about the use of local labour by Bradford Council on the T&A website.

Basically the whole thing is quite complicated but the issue revolves around whether or not the council can and is using local labour whenever possible on council backed projects.

They say they are when possible, others say they aren’t and agreements were made years ago that they’ve never enforced.

David Ward, a Lib Dem councillor, has made a populist but ultimately shallow rant/comment about it condemning everyone within earshot. See below:

He said: “Why is this happening when we have got such high local youth unemployment? It’s ridiculous.

“What is happening with the local labour contracts? This is not racism but legitimate concern that local people have expressed about jobs for local people. We have got this huge potential capital investment in place and we need to extract as many local contracts and as many local jobs as possible.

“If the European legislation doesn’t allow them to do it, then what are the local MPs doing about changing the legislation?”

Now you might ask what is wrong with such a statement and indeed most right-minded people would agree with the thrust of the necessity to employ as many people locally as possible given the problems with unemployment, specifically of young people, in Bradford.

Where I find it reveals itself to be mindless populism is the last statement, which either reveals Cllr Wards lack of knowledge or his cynicism in his previous comments.

Let me explain.

By saying ‘If the European legislation doesn’t allow it…’ he is either admitting he hasn’t bothered to check it before making his statement, which would be ridiculous, or he knows full well what the European legislation does and doesn’t allow and is pretending he doesn’t know to give legitimacy to his previous populist statement, knowing full well that EU legislation doesn’t allow it anyway.

And of course all the local MPs aren’t Lib Dems, but Labour and Tory.

So he either doesn’t know, in which case he really should check his facts, or he does know, and he’s pretending (some might say lying) that he doesn’t, which is manipulative and deceitful to voters.