07/03/2011 – First anti-Minimum Wage Bill chopped by government

The anti-Minimum Wage Bill mentioned below had several airings in the Commons, which we kept an eye on, but thankfully failed to get very far each time.

03/08/2009 – David Cameron: Slashing spending “inhuman”

After he became leader of the Conservative Party it was obvious some of David Cameron’s early media appearances would come under more scrutiny. Lucky for me I was the first to spot some great quotes in his Guardian diary complementing Gordon Brown and referring to spending cuts as ‘inhuman’, a view he failed to hold once in government as Prime Minister.

12/05/2009 – Show some wage concern and back our campaign against the Tory Minimum Wage opt-out bill

Back in 2009 I started a campaign against a Conservative Private Members Bill that would allow opt-outs of the Minimum Wage, supported by Shipley MP, Philip Davies. It got picked up by John Prescott and Wage Concern was born. It culminated in a rally at the Houses of Parliament. You can see the video of my speech below.

25/03/2009 – Why not open the Commons to all parliament groups?

Written in response to Shipley MP, Philip Davies, complaining about the UK Youth Parliament being allowed to debate there when the Commons was not in session. Some MPs feared it would open the door to other parliamentary bodies sitting there, to which my response was ‘go for it’.

I’m probably more cautious about it now but remain to be persuaded by the arguments against.

03/02/2009 – A National Recycling Service for all

Frustrated by the piecemeal approach to recycling across England, I wrote this piece calling for a National Recycling Service whereby minimum standards on what could be collected would be guaranteed by central government.

Since then the direction of travel has been towards more devolved powers but coincidentally around this time the supermarket chain, ASDA also called for a similar national standards approach on recycling.

Labour Uncut

16/09/2015 – The leadership election and Corbyn’s shadow cabinet shows that Labour needs All-Women Shortlists more than ever

A piece written in the aftermath of Labour’s 2015 leadership and deputy leadership elections where despite a strong slate of women we elected two men to lead up our party. This was followed by a Shadow Cabinet with many of the biggest jobs going to men as well. I argue that the results show that All-Women Shortlists are still necessary in the party.


12/11/2015 – Time for Labour to step up on PCC campaigning

May 2016 sees local elections across the country but also the first re-election campaigns for Police & Crime Commissioners. This is an area I feel Labour has lagged behind on and I set out some views on how we can get back on the front foot in this article for the Progress website.

5/08/2015 – Pledges for Power

In the 2015 Labour leadership election I backed Liz Kendall, and Progress invited me to set out my reasons why in an article for their website, centred around her pledges published that week.

12/07/2012 – An Education in Aid

Progress were looking for ideas to contribute to the renewal of Labour. I called for a microfinancing programme in schools to help children learn about international development issues in a more hands-on manner.


BBC Radio Leeds

04/07/2015 – Interview on the Bradford Srebrenica 2015 Memorial, which I co-organised

BCB Radio (Bradford)

14/08/2015 – I took part in a Labour leadership interview – supporting Liz Kendall, with other politicians outlining their support for the other candidates

04/07/2015 – Interview on the Bradford Srebrenica 2015 Memorial, which I co-organised

10/07/2014 – Interview on the Bradford Srebrenica 2014 Memorial, which I co-organised

14/03/2015 – Launching Bradford Little Free Libraries, with free books going out across Windhill & Wrose

08/12/2014 – Interview about a Bradford delegation to Bosnia and Srebrenica, which I co-led

23/07/2014 – Launching The Big Plant in Windhill & Wrose, planting 7,000 trees across the community

03/05/2012 – First interview after being elected as Councillor in 2012.


This videos is on the Shipley Labour Youtube account. It’s of me speaking at the Houses of Parliament at the Wage Concern rally.

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