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Legal stuff: Hosted by http://wordpress.com. Promoted by Susan Hinchcliffe on behalf of Alex Ross-Shaw, both at 13 Glenroyd, BD18 1EJ

All views represented on this blog are my own. In no way do they reflect the wider views of the Labour party or anyone within it or anyone without it (!), unless otherwise stated.

I have the good fortune to be a Labour Party Councillor in Windhill & Wrose. I also work in the gas industry in regulation and am a Street Rep and Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator. I used to have a much fuller bio on this page but I felt it was a bit too long and weighty – if you want to know anything else about me get in touch and I’ll add it to the page.

If you need to contact me with regards casework, local issues or anything politically related, feel free to leave a comment, visit my Twitter page, email me on: alex.ross-shawATbradford.gov.uk or ring me on 07582100052.

All views represented on this blog are my own. In no way do they reflect the wider views of the Labour party or anyone within it or anyone without it (!), unless otherwise stated.

Legal stuff: Hosted by http://wordpress.com. Promoted by Susan Hinchcliffe on behalf of Alex Ross-Shaw, both at 13 Glenroyd, BD18 1EJ

9 thoughts on “About Me/Contact/Legal Stuff

  1. Really? I’m in the process, the criminal record check thing they do has just come back to me a couple of weeks a go actually so the school should be in touch with me in a few weeks.

  2. Update: Aha, I think I know where a bit of confusion may have arisen, which I take the blame for. It should really saying ‘in the process of APPLYING for…’ rather than ‘in the process of becoming’.

    When I wrote the biog I was under the impression that when a local political party put someone forward for school governorship is was put straight through (barring extraordinary circumstances) after a criminal records check.

    Since then I’ve been told there is a more formal process involved.

    No idea who you are ‘?’ (Not the Riddler from Batman are you?🙂 ) but apologies for any confusion.

  3. Hi Alex,

    I just wanted to invite you to participate in a brand new political blogging and social networking tool called http://www.PollBooth.com

    The site is currently closed to the general public, only politicians, journalists and bloggers such as yourself will be invited to join for the time being.

    If you wish to participate prior to the public launch just add pollbooth.com to your links on your wordpress blog then send an email to request.invite@pollbooth.com including the webaddress of your current blog and if approved I’ll send you an official invitation code allowing you to register on the site.

    I hope to hear from you shortly and if not apologies for contacting you.


  4. “I was very angry at how the Conservatives were getting away with economic murder ..”

    So you joined the Labour Party, who have plunged this country into unprecedented levels of debt .. lol you clown!

    Labour are going to be relegated to third party status across huge swathes of England and Scotland, the Greens will probably get more votes. If you care so much about Green issues you’d stand a better chance as a Green candidate. What few safe Labour seats (immigrant and welfare dependency hot spots) there are will be hogged by the senior Labour tools like Brown, Mandelson, Balls etc. Save yourself the bother.

    • Hi Julio,

      Well actually if you look at our debt to GDP ratio we’re actually entering the recession relatively well off compared to our neighbours across the world and will continue to be as all countries borrow more to deal with the unprecedented nature of the recession.

      In fact, the reason we, more than many countries, are having to borrow so much is that our financial centre was one of the largest in the world, and we had to either nationalise or recapitalise many of our banks.

      Although the Conservatives opposed this, we saw in the USA what happens when a large bank is allowed to crash with Lehmann Brothers, and needless to say the result – the near-collapse of the entire world banking system – wasn’t pretty. That’s why so many countries followed our lead in recapitalising the banks the way they did.

      The result of this is that you have to increase borrowing to do it.

      Much of the debt we’re acquiring now is actually due to the nature of the recession – tax receipts go down, welfare payments go up.

      Even David Cameron has admitted he’d only shave £5billion (small given the large numbers we’re dealing with) off our borrowing this year.

      If you look at the local by-election results you’ll actually see our vote is holding up very well at the moment, that’s not to say we’re not unpopular with many people at the moment, but when it comes to voting people aren’t relegating us to third place as you predict.

      Luke Akehurst collects by-election results and you can see that the national polling trends simply aren’t being played out on the ground. http://lukeakehurst.blogspot.com/

      I’m in the Labour party because I believe in Labour values, of fairness and equality for the many, not the few. I care about the environment but in no way am I ‘single issue’, and where the Greens do have other policies I am often in disagreement of them.

      Where I disagree with the Labour party I prefer to try work them out on the inside rather than stamping my foot and complaining on the outside.

  5. OK so you’re not running for Bradford Council, not Parliament .. my fault for not reading properly .. but still, the Labour Party?

  6. Why join the Labour party?

    They sanctioned torture

    They undermined human rights under the excuse of “a war on terror”

    They invaded Iraq and Afganistan

    Their policies serve big business instead of the people

    They work to increase the concentration of wealth, and widen the gap between the richest and the poorest

    They’re pro-capitalism, and neo-liberal through and through

    They introduced tuition fees, initiated the cuts to HE in late 2010 and commissioned the sham that was the Browne Report

    They gave a blank check to the banks, and let them line their pockets with it

    If they had been elected in 2010, they’d be pursuing violently destructive austerity policies just as the ConDems are doing now – ruining lives

    The list goes on.

    Please don’t tell me about footstamping on the side-lines and reformation from within. You’d only expose your own apathy. Anyone with a mg of optimism would prefer to join the crowds on the street in footstamping, and to start thinking about the possibility of doing something really different: of starting a revolution.

    Best wishes

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