Note to Local Government News – Bradford is not in Leeds

Browsing through the April issue of Local Government News, as all the cool kids do these days, I noticed an even being held in ‘Leeds’, at least according to the headline. As its pretty local I read on to see what it was about.

The event is the third annual Base Cities event and you can imagine my surprise when I saw that the event would take place in that well known Leeds landmark, Bradford University.

Now in fairness it quickly became obvious that the actual event was concerning the Leeds City Region and that the headline had compressed that to the singular, Leeds, but it is frustrating nonetheless. I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason the event is being held in Bradford is exactly to counter the impression that Leeds City Region is made up solely of Leeds and other, less important places.

So it’s annoying that Local Government News didn’t think to add ‘region’ to their headline to clarify the issue, but then it wouldn’t really make sense as it would essentially be saying an event for Leeds City Region was being held in Leeds City Region.

The correct headline should have stated it was being held in Bradford and while it’s really a minor issue given what is going on elsewhere you can’t really imagine the reverse happening and an event in Leeds being mistakenly labelled as taking place in Bradford.

In that respect, while this is a small issue about a poorly defined headline it is sadly indicative of the wider problem Bradford is having in carving out its own identity and staking its own place as a major city in the ‘Leeds City’ region.

Perhaps one way such errors could be avoided would be to consider renaming the ‘Leeds City Region’ to something more agreeable to the other towns and cities in the area who consider themselves to be a bit more than just a satellite to Leeds (as much as I like the place).

2 thoughts on “Note to Local Government News – Bradford is not in Leeds

    • I’m not sure all of Leeds City Region is West Yorkshire though, which is why I’m not sure what it could be renamed to. It has parts of North and South Yorkshire:

      I wondered about something incorporating the river Aire, like the Aire City Region, but I suppose places with absolutely no connection to the Aire might object, but it would surely be a step up from being thought of as Leeds!🙂

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