Philip Davies tries to re-start 20 year old row between the BBC and Chris Patten


Such is Philip Davies’ hatred of the BBC, which he described as having an ‘institutional left-leaning bias’ (which is an argument for another day) that he used the Freedom of Infomation Act to reveal 20 year old letters sent to the BBC by Lord Chris Patten, then Tory Party Chair and now Chairman of the BBC.


The letters reveal that as Chairman, Patten complained to the BBC about their coverage. A politician complaining about how their party is presented on TV? I’m in shock!

Davies, and the Daily Mail, are now asking why Patten has ‘forgotten’ his ‘feud’ with the BBC now he is Chairman, perhaps ignoring the fact you can achieve more in politics and life by dealing with this professionally and quietly instead of crying and moaning about it publicly stamping your feet like a child.

It’s nice to see Philip discover the positive aspects of the FoI Act though, as he’s been on the receiving end of it a couple of times before.

Has Chairman Lord Patten forgotten his war on BBC? | Mail Online.

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