Philip Davies not surprisingly sides with Theresa May in the ‘catflap’ story, despite it already being proven incorrect

I despaired a bit when I saw the headline story on the Daily Mail site today, another attempt to insist that the story about an immigrant not being deported because he had a cat was true after all, despite being universally debunked the day before (It was because he was in a long term relation over two years). Reading through the story (as I assumed they must have had some new information) in fact it turns out they were literally repeating the exact same story but simply leaving out the evidence that proved it was untrue, namely the follow up statements from judges at the appeal.

Even what the original judge said, namely that the cat ‘reinforced’ his ‘conclusion’ about the need for the immigrant’s private/family life do not add up to the immigrant not being deported because of a cat. Simply look at what the judge said, the cat reinforced his existing conclusion, i.e. he had already concluded the immigrant should stay before taking into account the cat. On top of this, at the appeal other judges dismissed the cat as irrelevant and criticised the original judge for paying too much attention to it (Who can blame him? Cats are awesome).

The reason the immigrant was allowed to stay was that he was in a long standing relationship of over two years. On top of which, the Home Office had a policy that it did not apply and thus the story should be about incompetence at the Home Office and not the Human Rights Act. Worst of all, in the appeal process the Home Office accepted the judges conclusion on both the irrelevance of the cat and it’s own failure to adhere to it’s own policy. Yet this didn’t stop the Home Secretary repeating the myth in a party conference speech. Unbelievable.

Nonetheless, rent-a-quote Shipley MP, Philip Davies has declared that obviously the Mail, and Home Secretary Theresa May were right all along on the basis of this utterly specious Daily Mail article and again called for the sacking of Ken Clarke who allegedly now doesn’t know about a key piece of legislation.

Except Ken Clarke does know about it, it’s Philip Davies, the Daily Mail and clearly our Home Secretary who know nothing about it. I was going to email Philip just for his own benefit to show him the proof that the cat had nothing to do with it, but I couldn’t be bothered. It’s quite clear he uses these things to fit into his pre-existing world-view and nothing will change that, so I won’t waste my time or his on this (instead I’ll just whinge on my blog!).

Theresa May cat claim: Truth about Tory cat-gate row | Mail Online.

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