David Cameron describes the way he was elected leader of the Conservative Party as an ‘unfair’ ‘crazy system’.

David Cameron has given a speech today criticising AV, the system he consistently fails to mention is a close relative of the voting system that got him elected as Leader of the Conservative Party.

He describes the system as ‘so unfair’ the candidate who finishes second or third can end up winning, citing the not quite the same thing circumstance of the Olympics and Usain Bolt finishing first but not getting a gold medal. This is ‘crazy’ and we ‘shouldn’t have it in politics’.

If I didn’t support AV myself I’d agree entirely and would look forward to the day he abolishes all non-FPTP preferential voting from his own party, where it took him three rounds to become elected leader after he finished second in the first round.

Clearly he doesn’t seem himself as Usain Bolt.

At least he didn’t sink as low as his Party Chairperson, Baroness Warsi, in her cack-handed and deceitful distortions about how AV would benefit the BNP.

In fact, AV benefits the BNP so much they’re actively campaigning against it.

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