That’s a new one – Cameron’s aides trying to present him as like John Major resisting calls to act on Bosnia and Rwanda.

I can’t help but be slightly amused at the way Cameron was so seemingly prepared for military action a day ago, and now has to back down due to US reticence, given his dismissal of Tony Blair’s ‘liberal interventionism’ as dropping democracy from 40,000 ft and all that meaningless guff. Likewise people calling for a no-fly zone while ignoring the need for a new UN Resolution are probably many of the people who now state blithely that the Iraq War was illegal because it didn’t get a second UN Resolution re-authorising military action.

But something in Nick Robinson’s latest blog post made me think – he claims that Cameron’s aides are actively trying to present David Cameron as a sort of early 1990s John Major figure, allegedly because he (Major) supported a no-fly zone to protect the Kurds but ‘resisted’ calls not to stand idly by while people were massacred in Bosnia and Rwanda.

Is that really the sort of image Team Cameron wants to be portraying of their Prime Minister? It’s obvious Libya has not yet reached that level – of state genocide – and that Libya 2011 is different to Bosnia 1990s due to the nature of the crisis, but why intentionally try align David Cameron with a moment in modern history that led many, many people to say ‘Never again’ when it comes to standing by as dictators committed brutal atrocities against their own people?

I’ve always been under the impression that the international response to Rwanda was something we were ashamed of and determined not to let happen again.

It’s certainly a new one to me that actually it’s something that our Prime Minister’s aides think he should be aspiring to.

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