What’s wrong with learning lessons from Tony Blair?

I read the other day that Neil Kinnock had been advising Ed Miliband, and now in the Guardian they’re writing articles about what he can learn from Michael Foot.

What’s wrong with trying to learn lessons from Tony Blair, who actually won elections for Labour?

That’s not to take anything away from Kinnock or Foot, who were/are both great men in their own ways who will stand as giants of the Labour Party, but I’d like to see perhaps three-time election winner Tony Blair as a better point of reference for winning the next election than two ex-leaders who didn’t win one between them.

4 thoughts on “What’s wrong with learning lessons from Tony Blair?

  1. I’m not sure that the leader is a decisive factor in the victory or defeat of political parties. That said, both Kinnock and Foot appeared conscious of the changing circumstances the party faced – they had greater reflexivity than Blair, whose response to the global financial crisis in his book is puzzling, to say the least.

  2. Not keen on home truths, eh, Alex? I notice you did not publish my earlier comment.

    Pity. I thought since you understaood the quality of Blair’s leadership you might be interested in the size of the mountain that faces Labour.

  3. @James Doran – not sure about Blair’s response to the financial crisis but generally from what I’ve read and seen he supported the support Labour gave but now thinks the deficit should be reduced? He was vague enough to allow people to say he supported the coalition explicitly, but I don’t think he does in anything more than the most general of terms (i.e. the fact its being reduced now, not necessarily in the form of the cuts or the depth).

    He also said we should have reduced spending after 2005-6, which is an opinion a lot of people share (not just Tories!).

    @keeptonyblairforpm – I actually don’t have a clue what you’re on about to be honest, the comments aren’t moderated as you know by the fact your ‘second’ comment has posted. So there is no record of your first quote on my site I’m afraid, feel free to re-post it smarty-pants.

  4. Alex, that wasn’t what I was alluding to – he gave the opinion in his book that Labour’s belated development of industrial policy was a mistake, repudiating Mandelson’s development at BIS of “market shaping” by the state to secure investment in industries of the future which might easily have gone to other countries in Europe.

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