Someone at No. 10 needs to test their web pages before they go live

I just checked out the new transparency website the government have launched. Not a bad idea in itself and I’ve often wondered why governments don’t publish more on their targets (or as the coalition insist on calling them, ‘milestones’) and aims and showing how they meet them (aside from the obvious answer of ‘they don’t, which is why they don’t want to be held to account to them!’).

Anyway, this post isn’t some deep insight into the government or politics, it’s just to take the p*ss a bit because they’ve obviously not checked the website before it’s gone live and the silly people haven’t updated their links or tabs. Thus on half the pages on the No. 10 website there is no link to ‘Transparency‘ and instead it still links to ‘Communicate‘.

See below for the evidence:

This one has the tab, but not formatted properly. Tut tut.

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