Does Nick Clegg get upset about ‘street cleansing’ teams as well?

You have to face it; nobody quite does synthetic sanctimonious outrage quite like Nick Clegg. In a way it’s not surprising he gets on so well with David Cameron as he is the only other person I can think of who can hold a candle to the Yellow Master.

The other day, when Chris Bryant accused the coalition of pursuing a ‘cleansing’ social policy with their housing benefit cuts, on the back of worries by people across the political and third sector spectrum about the impacts of the cuts (particularly in London and the South), Nick Clegg replied with a plastic outrage worthy of his finest moments as an opposition Leader intent on opposing everything the Tories stood for.

It was ‘outrageous’ he said, to compare housing benefit cuts to a word used in genocide attacks in places like Kosovo and it was ‘deeply offensive’ to anyone who had lived through such attacks to hear such words.

I wonder, then, how Clegg reacts when his Council get in touch to say they’ll be cleaning his streets soon.

I received this email yesterday from Bradford Council regarding some casework I was working on, helping a resident get their streets cleaned. Given that Nick Clegg seems to think the only acceptable use of the word ‘cleansing’ is with regards ethnic cleansing of an entire race of people, I wonder how he’d react to the message I received below:

Street Cleansing

Street Cleansing!

Would he imagine a genocidal cleansing of the street of any people not of British ethnicity? I know Lib Dem councillors are crap but even they wouldn’t go that far.

I wonder if he’s banned Clearasil from his house as well?

Clearasil Cleanse!

Clearasil Cleanse!


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