David Cameron knows all about opposition MPs wishing bad news

It makes me laugh listening and watching David Cameron castigate Labour MPs for wishing for a double-dip recession. It’s the curse of the opposition MP trying to juggle wanting the country to do well so your constituents don’t suffer under Tory cuts, while hoping for bad news so you can make the government’s life a living hell.

Cameron knows this only too well, after all, it was he who wrote in 2002:

An enthusiastic Tory backbencher like me can hardly wait to switch on the Today programme every morning in order to listen to all the bad news”

Of course I’m not going to pretend he was being callous in this, the piece is obviously written in a light-hearted, knowing kind of way, but you would think that people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

As an aside however, it does show the tricky position Labour finds itself in. If we lash ourselves to the mast of the good ship ‘We’re all doooooomed‘ and it turns out we’re not, it will look like we’ve been trying to talk down the economy. When in government we chastised the Tories a lot for doing just that, and it was one of Blair and Brown’s golden rules (Not that Golden Rule) that you should never talk down the country or economy as an opposition MP.

Now we’re in opposition it’s a trap we must ensure we do not fall into ourselves*.

*Is that bad English? I was going to leave out ‘ourselves’ because it was already stated I was talking about Labour, by putting in ‘we’ earlier on. Yet conversationally I would say to someone, ‘…into ourselves’. Is that because colloquially we speak in bad grammar?

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