Desperation from Guido as he tries to paint Labour as the ‘looney left’

*SNORE*. The 80s were so long ago, but I find it’s more often the right than the left who struggle to leave it behind.

Today Paul Staines aka Guido Fawkes is trying to claim that the looney left is back in the Labour ranks, with his ‘evidence’ coming from some rather desperate sources.

His narrative is essentially that since Blair left the Labour party has become mental and incredibly left-wing, as ‘evidenced’ by the fact that David Miliband supports the 50p tax rate. This is an example of ‘looney left’ thinking but of course Staines doesn’t mention that actually the majority of the public whenever polled also support a 50p tax rate. We’re all looneys now, it seems.

Other ‘evidence’ is that Mili-D has become a ‘peacenik’ (How, exactly? Apart from Andy Burnham he’s the main candidate not grovelling about it) and also because he ‘personally nominated’ Diane Abbott.

Well how you could nominated someone impersonally I have no idea, but everyone knows he nominated Diane Abbott not because he respects her left-wing views (why bother standing himself? The whole thought process behind it would be illogical!) but because he felt it was important to have a woman on the shortlist.

If this is ‘looney left’ thinking then he should perhaps worry more about such looneyism taking hold in the Tory party now David Cameron has admitted that the best way to force the pace of change in a party’s representation is to introduce All-Women Shortlists.

Finally he talks about Bob Crowe – yes Bob Crowe! – describing spending cuts as ‘fiscal fascism’, this is the same Bob Crowe who is head of the railworkers union (RMT is it?) that is officially disaffiliated with the Labour party!!

If the best example he can get of looney left thinking in the Labour party is someone who officially disassociated his union with the party because he dislikes it so much then actually I’m fairly content that there is no resurgence of looney leftism in the party at all.

But then we all know that anyway.

One thought on “Desperation from Guido as he tries to paint Labour as the ‘looney left’

  1. Its is the RMT, and well spotted noting they are disaffilated. (Used to seeing them re. the London Underground- Tories are suggesting all the trian should be dricerless and controlled remotely.) Spelt ‘Crow’.🙂

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