The reality of ‘free schools’ comes to the fore as tensions erupt in Bradford

Is this a potential source of embarassment for David Cameron and Michael Gove, who have personally backed the plan for a ‘free school’ to be set up by parents in Birkenshaw.

A row is erupting between parent groups as a parents group for a nearby school has started expressing concerns that the ‘free school’ could drain funds away from existing schools in the area, which would have a detrimental effect on the children who don’t attend the free school.

This, I think, is exactly why Ed Balls rejected the proposals in the first place when he was Education Secretary. How many more arguments such as these are going to spring up across the country as parents who want to create new schools enter into conflict with parents who just want a good, secure education at an existing school for their children?

I’d have thought if things like this became national news it could be quite awkward for Cameron, whose Big Society idea (which isn’t meritless btw) depends on communities coming together and working together.

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