Bradford Conservative councillor calls Tory High-Speed Rail plans ‘stupid’

I always find it interesting seeing the difference in opinion from a local party to the national one.

Tory Cllr Chris Greaves, who is also Chair of Metro is meeting the Coalition Transport Sec Philip Hammond to discuss the massive spending cuts heading our way. Aside from the tedious but necessary drum banging for how much he is going shout out for Bradford etc I thought it was interesting he dismissed the Tory plans for High-Speed Rail (HSR).

The previous Labour government planned on HSR going up to Birmingham before splitting into a ‘Y’ shape with one line going up through Manchester and the other through Leeds (and possible Sheffield)?

For some reason the Tories think it would make more sense for it to be an ‘S’ shape with the line going from Birmingham to Manchester then over the Pennines to Leeds.

As Chris Greaves says, the ‘S’ stands for ‘Stupid’, but will the Tories change their mind under the banner of the Coalition introducing new ways of doing things? In this case we’ve got to hope so, to me the ‘Y’ shape seems much better.

In other news Bradford Labour have started their Leadership of the Council as they mean to go on and are inviting businesses for a meeting to discuss ways to improve Bradford town centre and attract more people. A great way to start building a proper relationship between the Council and the businesses so congrats to Regen portfolio holder Dave Green for organising it. Some of the comment on the T&A article are quite good too so I’d recommend reading some of them for suggestions, though maybe it’s just the idealist in me that likes the idea of artwork on the shutters of shops as they have in London.

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