Adopt an MP? So which poor sod is going to end up with Philip Davies?

An excellent new campaign has been launched where young people ‘adopt’ an MP and essentially shadow them to live up to climate change agreements and policies and so on.

The campaign wants a young person in every constituency to adopt an MP, which sounds great if you live in an area with an MP who believes something needs to be done about climate change.

I’d love to adopt a Miliband, they believe in the fight against climate change and I reckon their hair probably feels like a teddy bear’s does when you stroke it.

But which poor sod is going to end up with Philip Davies as their adopted MP?

Imagine spending five years asking him about climate change and if he was going to do anything about it, and getting five years of misinformation and denials back at you before being subjected to a rant about political correctness going mad.

It’s not something I’d wish on anybody frankly. The campaign takes a different approach though, suggesting that MPs like Philip Davies are ‘confused’ about building a climate change economy and having someone half their age pester them about it for five years could help change their minds.

It’s a theory, I suppose.

2 thoughts on “Adopt an MP? So which poor sod is going to end up with Philip Davies?

  1. Hi Alex,

    Just read your blog, I’m the campaign manager for Adopt an MP. I think it’s fair to say not all relationships are going to be easy, but making sure MPs know there’s lots of passionate people in the community is going to be the start. If they don’t want to listen that’s when we can start figuring out what action to take!

    I’ve just checked and I don’t think you’re a registered tracker yet. It’d be great if you could join and put blogs up their too.

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