Wondering who to vote for? Check out the ‘whoshouldshipleyvotefor’ blog?

If you’re wondering who to vote for in the General Election and you live in Shipley, and you haven’t yet realised what a wonderful candidate Labour has in Susan Hinchcliffe and are still trying to make your mind up, you could do worse than check out the blog ‘Who Should Shipley Vote For?’.

It’s basically a blog started by someone who wanted to post their thoughts on the process of deciding who to vote for in the general election.

In doing so he has been to a husting and recorded it and put some videos on youtube, and also asked the candidates questions to which they have all replied.

It’s made for fascinating reading and is truly an excellent addition to the information available about all the candidates in the run up to the election.

Anyway, I thought I’d post a link to the site seeing as he has posted a link to my site when providing people with information on Philip Davies opposing the Minimum Wage!:) Nice to get a bit of recognition!

You wouldn’t believe the amount of people on the door who don’t realise this is the sort of thing Philip Davies stands for.

When we campaigned against him he said he wanted to have a debate about it, but mysteriously left all reference to it off his next leaflet which went out to thousands of people across the constituency.

Amusingly enough, when we ran a petition against Davies to protect the Minimum Wage, it was co-signed by none other than Green Party parliamentary candidate Kevin Warnes!

We were there first though!:)

NB You can see my speech on the campaign on youtube by clicking here. I made it at the Houses of Parliament at a rally set up for it by John Prescott. A worthwhile if not incredibly nerve-wracking experience!

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