Labour’s no-win situation with the Unite/BA case…

…is exemplified by the two headlines, almost identical but with completely different meanings, from the Guardian and the Daily Mail:

1) Labour rolls over for BA’s bullies –  Seumas Milne , The Guardian

2) Mr Brown daren’t confront the BA union bullies – Andrew Pierce , The Daily Mail

Talk about being between a rock and a hard place!

For what it’s worth while I think it’s daft for the strike to take place (it’ll damage the entire company in the long run), it seems clear a deal exists that the staff would accept, yet BA are with-holding it so they can take on the union.

In essence it’s a game of chicken between the unions and BA/Willie Whitelaw or whatever his name is. The thing is the company itself will lose whatever the outcome.

2 thoughts on “Labour’s no-win situation with the Unite/BA case…

  1. Alex, you say a deal exists, but BA are withholding it. This, I take it, is based on the request that Unite have made that BA put back on the table a proposal that they had offered last week. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but Unite rejected that offer, and chose to go ahead with the strike action. So, the offer was no good last week, but now it’s suddenly okay? That to me is just grandstanding by the union. If it was good enough to put to the staff by the union last week, why wasn’t it?

    • I agree it’s silly of Unite to reject a deal one week only to want to do it the next.

      The question that follows on from this is if the deal was acceptable to BA one week why is it unacceptable the next?

      It appears to me that BA/Willie Walsh have decided they want to break the unions and will risk £100 million to do so.

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