Was it Samantha Cameron or a ‘gay friend’ who turned Cameron against Section 28?

One of the things that’s always annoyed me about Cameron is they quasi-mythical narrative that his people have helped spring up around him, where he was basically an arse until he started having chilren/met Samantha Cameron (delete as applicable depending on what timeline you’re working to) when he realised things about the real world, such as how the NHS is, like, a ‘good thing’.

Part of this narrative, which I’ll be honest and say does seem partially true, is his conversion from a typical gay-bashing Tory to a socially liberal one.

Nothing illustrates this more than his recent ‘apologies’ over his parties support for and opposition to abolishing Section 28, which banned teachers from ‘promoting’ homosexuality in schools.

Originally, back in 2007, the narrative was that it was his wife, Samantha, who explained to him how horrible Section 28 was. This was part of the story of how his wife basically converted him from a whole arse to a single-cheek arse, as you can see here.

The problem with such stories, admittedly all based on anonymous briefings and therefore hard to guage accurately, is that they can be contradicted at a later date.

In a recent interview for Attitude magazine with Johann Hari, Cameron claims it was a ‘gay friend’ who persuaded him of how Section 28 was a bad thing, and doesn’t mention his wife at all.

So which one was it? Admittedly it could be a bit of both, but I can’t help but feel annoyed by it – not least because his ‘conversion’ to gay rights has always seemed suspicious to me, from saying his parties support for Section 28 could be explained because it was an ’emotional issue’ (!) to insisting he never voted against gay adoption despite having done so more than once.

So when I hear conflicting sources cited as changing his mind on Section 28, I can’t help but feel once more suspicious of David Cameron and the reality behind the facade.

One thought on “Was it Samantha Cameron or a ‘gay friend’ who turned Cameron against Section 28?

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