Philip Davies isn’t quite as nice to people who aren’t constituents as he is to those who are…

Came upon this email Philip Davies sent to someone who was emailing him about our Wage Concern campaign and Davies’ support for a Bill that would effectively abolish the Minimum Wage.

Clearly a lot of people have been emailing the Conservative MPs who support this ridiculous Bill and clearly it’s been winding them up somewhat. That’s probably why Nigel Evans withdrew his support.

This would expain this rather tart email Philip Davies sent back to one of the annoyed members of the public.

What surprised me most is that he is always nothing less than totally polite and conscientious to people who live in Shipley, i.e. Those who can vote for him.

As he knows this person cannot vote for him though, he is rude and sarcastic, exactly what you’d want from a Member of Parliament, no?

What did make me laugh is the question of whether or not the person who emailed him is a constituent of not. I happen to know that the person signed off their email with their full address so Davies knew full well that they weren’t a constituent, hence him being quite rude.

Thing is, the first line is actually quite witty when you think about it. It’s just that it’s quite inappropriate for an MP to send!

As always he ends it with ‘Thank you for taking the time to email me’, which in this case is transparently false. After being so sarcastic you’d think he’d suspend the empty platitudes.

It’s quite sad that because he knows someone cannot vote for him, and therefore is isn’t accountable to them, he feels he can be quite rude to them. It would take barely any time at all for him to send his views to this person, but instead he writes a snappy little email instead.

Fear not though Philip, we took the time to email this very nice person your article – needless to say he wasn’t very impressed with your arguments, I suspect you’re not surprised!

Full text below:

From: DAVIES, Philip []

Sent: xx
To: xxx
Subject: RE: Minimum Wage 

Thank you for being one of the people to have sent me exactly the same email regarding the Employment Opportunities Bill.

I’m delighted that you are so interested in a Private Members Bill which has no chance of becoming law!

I represent the people of the Shipley constituency in Parliament, and I am extremely happy to set out my views on this Bill, and the Minimum Wage more widely, to my constituents including by sending them an article I have written on this issue which I have sent out to a number of my constituents who have contacted me. If you are a constituent of mine please email me with your full postal address and I will happily send you a copy of this article. If you are not a constituent of mine can I suggest that you make your views known to your own MP and encourage them to come to Parliament to debate this issue on the 12th June to represent your views. Thank you for taking the time to email me.

Best wishes,
Philip Davies MP

2 thoughts on “Philip Davies isn’t quite as nice to people who aren’t constituents as he is to those who are…

  1. Whether you agree with his position or not, i dont see what was wrong with the response. As anybody who has worked it a Parliamentary office knows MPs get a lot of round robin mail pestering them from people who aren’t constituents in an inappropriate manner. I think PD responded with a lot of restraint considering.

  2. I can understand where you’re coming from and certainly you see in the press stories of MPs being far ruder, but I don’t think he’d ever dare be like that with someone he knows has the power to vote him out.

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