Great examples of Government supported investment in Bradford that you wouldn’t have under the Conservatives

A great article in the T&A recently about the University of Bradford rolling out several infrastructure projects, with government backing, to help Bradford through the recession while investing in the future so we come out the downturn stronger and more competitive than before.

The University is spending £45 million on new buildings and refurbishments, which will create up to 800 jobs over the next few years, backed by investment from the Government, Yorkshire Forward as well as the University’s own money.

This provides you with a clear line between what the government are willing to do, and what the Conservatives would do. Why?

The Conservatives have opposed Labour’s fiscal stimulus, which includes bringing forward capital investment projects such as this one. So the money that the government are providing that will enable the University to improve over the next few years and increase it’s competitiveness wouldn’t exist under the Conservatives, not least when they are committed to taking £5 billion out of the economy in the middle of a recession.

Secondly, the Conservatives are committed to scrapping the Regional Development Agencies, of which Yorkshire Forward is one, so the money YF are putting towards the project also wouldn’t be there.

Another article mentions how the government has provided funding for a Youth Culture centre in Bradford that may not have gone ahead if not for government funding.

The funding is part of a £200 million investment across the country from schools minister Ed Balls in over 100 projects. I’m presuming this is part of the fiscal stimulus of the government, to bring forward public spending projects to help stimulate the economy through the recession (which seems to be working, by the way).

Needless to say the Conservatives opposed this, so thank god we have a Labour government willing to invest in Bradford.

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