The Big Plant consultation – new woods in Windhill and Wrose

I’m delighted to announce a consultation we’re holding on a major planting scheme in Windhill and Wrose, under the banner, The Big Plant.

Stretching across from West Royd in Windhill right up to Carr Lane in Wrose the full extent of the scheme will involve planting up to around 8,000 trees in the ward, doubling the size of Catstones Wood above Wrose Brow and creating a new remembrance wood off Carr Lane to mark the centenary of the Great War.

We’re currently lettering all the households close by the planting areas to ensure their voices are heard and they have a chance to feedback their thoughts on the proposals. We’ve also been discussing it at community groups across the ward including the Neighbourhood Forum, Wrose Parish Council, Wrose Action Group and Bolton Villas Residents’ Association.

The letters to residents will include this high level overview sheet outlining the different elements of the planting project.

A cover letter will accompany this outlining potential changes closer to the residents home. Read it here: The Big Plant in Windhill and Wrose – Consultation Letter.

A presentation has been delivered to the Neighbourhood Forum and provides a bit more detail on each section of the planting project. This presentation is also available for you to view at Wrose Library. Read it here: The Big Plant in Windhill and Wrose Presentation.

We have issued a press release, which you can read here: Press Release – Big Plant – Consultation.

David Nuttall MP’s solution for older prisoners – kill them.

A charming moment in the debate on women and older prisoners in Westminster Hall yesterday, with MP for Bury North, David Nuttall saying that if he had his way we’d bring back capital punishment:

If I had my way, of course, we would see the introduction of capital punishment—that would go some way towards dealing with the number of older prisoners in our prison estate.

So not only would he bring back hanging but he’d apply it retrospectively as well.

Naturally capital punishment supporter Philip Davies agreed.

A Wrose by any other name…the origins of the name ‘Wrose’

Big thanks to Richard Coomber of the excellent Hirst Wood Regen Group for sending this to the local ward councillors of Windhill & Wrose.

Richard has been perusing the archives of the old Shipley Times newspaper from the early 20th Century for information on local war stories, and found this fascinating letter discussing the origins of the name ‘Wrose’, which turns out to be older than Shipley and Bradford itself.

Have a look below, enjoy!

How Wrose Got Its Name 1 ST 28-7-1916 How Wrose Got Its Name 2 ST 28-7-1916